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Domain is on hold

    This domain is currently on hold because it maybe parked here by a client, awaiting development or transfer, or is used as a mail server, or has unpaid hosting services.

    Please contact Domain Admin if you have any questions regarding this domain. Read more about Domain Names and related services.

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Swimwear Guide Swimwear Guide

    Express your individuality with new swimwear styles and colours designed for sun safety or more modesty. With sun protection in mind many people are looking for alternative fashion for the beach and in the pool. Swimwear should be functional for many watersports, not just for swimming. Very popular are Stingersuits and Modest Swimwear. Find out how to look good in the water on
free lifesaving society

Free Lifesaving Society

    The FLS provides free survival swimming and lifesaving training materials via the Internet to lifesaving teams worldwide, especially in developing countries where they are needed most.